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King of Plagues

Since man first came to be, he has been afraid of what the future may hold. Many rituals and divination spells were created in hope to peer beyond the horizon, but none ever came close to the power of the plague sayer. There are no records of when he first appeared, truth be told it is as if he has always been there. While descriptions of his appearance seems to vary from person to person, two points always remain the same, a expressionless golden mask and a body riddled with diseases. His predictions are always accurate, but his price is much to high. While others look at the movement of the stars or deformations on the entrails of animals to make their predictions, he uses boils, sores and sickness for his divination. When a question is made a disease is born and by reading the symptoms and damages on the bodies of the sick the King of Plagues reads the answer. The harder the question, the higher the death toll. Tales speak of entire kingdoms dying just to answer one question, so please pay heed to this warning and never seek the King of Plagues. His price is always much too high.