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Giant Pogo

Different than the normal Pogo, Giant Pogos are more common in arid areas. Capable of enduring the scorching heat of the dry season, small family groups of Giant Pogos roam around the canyons moving from waterhole to waterhole relying on their stocks of fat that they have accumulated during the rainy season. Food during the dry season is scarce and most of what they are able to find have almost no nutritious value, a meal of dead twigs and dry leaves is more of a psychological boost than real nutrition, but beggars can't be choosers and the Giant Pogo knows better than being picky about its food. Its three chambered stomach and strong enzymes allow the Giant Pogo to extract the most out any meal it can find, but it is during the rainy season, when the greener and softer leaves are available, that the Giant Pogo will gain most of the energy it will use during the whole year. This slow paced creature is highly suspicious of other creatures and can turn violent if it feels threatened,