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Pygmy Basilisk

Though small and slow paced, the Pygmy Basilisk is as deadly as any other member of its family. All basilisks are armed with a fatal poison, but the Pygmy's poison is particularly fast acting and strong. The effects of a basilisk's poison are easy identifiable, in a matter of seconds the victim start to display a hardening of the muscle along with a noticeable discoloration of the entry wound area followed by a rigor mortis like state of paralysis. The articulations lock in place, the muscles harden in such an extreme way that it even leads to bones breaking and finally the victim dies from a cardiorespiratory arrest. There is no known cure for this poison and its intensity and violence are so extreme that lead to the belief that basilisks are magical creatures, capable of turning its victims to stone. The basilisk's poison is a defense secreted by its skin and it must get inside a victims bloodstream to act, which is why most basilisk have spikes on its bodies along with sharp claws.