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I don't think you understand. We had to eat him, we had to! He was sent to us, you see. He appeared out of nowhere during our darkest hour because he loves us. He cured our sick and healed our wounded. He rescued us from our prison and showed us a way to a better life. He smelled so sweet, he smelled like salvation. We needed to have him. We needed him forever inside of us, it was the only way to be saved! His suffering only made his meat juicier and his sadness made his blood sweeter. He loved us, you see. He wanted us to eat him, with his inebriating smell and plump flesh, there isn't any other possibility. We know he chose this form to please our taste, he wanted it. He lives inside of us now and we are saved! We are divine now, just like he was. We had to eat him... We had to... We ate him. You would have done the same, wouldn't you?