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During a long time these creatures were believed to survive on an exclusive mineral diet. Later on reports of them feeding on moss and other small vegetation surfaced, still the amount and frequency of these meals were to low to be a sustainable option. It was only after the groundbreaking research of Doctor Callahan that this mystery was solved. After her intense research she finally pieced together the rock-eater's feeding habits, their characteristically red crest and the red spiky rocks they "graze" on. She was the first to postulate these rocks were actually a colony of algae like living creatures that after consumed would actually be stocked on the rock-eater's crest forming a symbiotic relation with it. The rock-eater would provide it with water, minerals and sunlight not to mention the gaining of mobility while these algae would share some of their photosynthesized energy with their host. Dr. Callahan and her research are still considered one of the most amazing ever.