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The Collector

There is more to existence than we know, different realities and creatures existing just inches away from us kept at bay by a barrier of what we define as real, but there are places where this barrier is thinner and a visitor from beyond may cross over. One such visitor particularly keen on crossing over to our side is known simply as The Collector, this creature is moved by a single and powerful purpose of dragging as many things as he can, living or not, back with him to his reality to stuff inside his many pots, bowls and vases. Sometimes his new items might be too big and require some degree of disassembling to fit into their new home, but he always make them fit. Anything that piques his interest he will bring back with him, from trinkets to tools, from animals to humans, he makes no distinction. Some says that he has a pot for everything and everyone, you just better hope yours is big enough to fit you without the need of any "disassembling".