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Royal Alguma

A portrait of a Royal Alguma,

Unlike the common alguma, the royal alguma presents a delicate pale pink coloration that makes it extremely more desirable as pet than it's dark skinned cousins. There is probably no better example of selective breeding till this day than the algumas, the royal alguma in particular was changed so much by human interference that it is virtually incapable of surviving on it's own. The bigger "horns", shorter snout and pink color came with a great price on it's gene pool. A weaker immunity system and a disposition for countless health issues make the royal alguma an extremely expensive and hard pet to keep, which obviously only made them even more attractive for nobles and royalty alike. Be it for their undeniable status symbolism or the maternal instinct it inspire by requiring someone to care for all it's needs, the royal alguma had become the favorite pet among queens and princesses for ages to come. The alguma fever was so strong on the upper class that a whole new market was created just to supply these creatures with the finest of jewelery and delicious treats. An interesting note, the name alguma came from a portuguese sailor that first saw the creature, when asked to describe it the poor man just kept repeating that he saw "alguma cousa" which translation is "something".

I like to create weird creatures!