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Knight Crab

Commonly known as Knight Crabs, Rusty Crabs or Rusty Knights, this strange creatures are strongly attracted to rusty scrap metal and junkyards. They cover themselves on it, using their soft but strong tentacle like appendages and an adhesive secretion to hold together their impressive suits of armor. But metal is much more than just protection for them, it is also their food. How do they do that though is still being debated. Some reports show that they have been seen ingesting other materials as well such as tires, plastic and even glass, but if this actions were intentional or accidental is unclear. This behavior has put these creatures in the midst of a heated debate with one side claiming them as a possible threat to our cities and infrastructure while the other side hail them as a natural response to our impact on the world. While there hasn't been a single reported case of aggressive behavior, it is easy to see how one may judge a 1.5 meter tall armor-clad creature as menacing.