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Ambassador for Madness

I still remember my time with the ambassador vividly. Sure they tried to rotate us as much as they could, but I knew after my first meeting with it that the damage was done. Psychological radiation was the term someone used to describe it and I couldn't agree more, it infects you, affect you, it grows like a tumor on your mind until there is nothing else. They told us not to try to understand it, don't even look at it, focus on its proxy statue and believe that that is what you are talking with. Believe it! Pay no mind to the impossible sounds echoing throughout the chamber, the tentacles slithering all around you, to how it doesn't even seem to have a fixed size, always expanding until you finally realize that it is growing inside your mind! I still see its tentacles reaching so far, reaching inside me. And in the end all I can say is that we are lucky that it is still interested in us, because I have no doubt that as soon as the interest is gone we will be gone as well. I am sorry.