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Water Dragon

Water dragons are not dragons at all. A common mistake due to their imposing size and features, but in truth they are more close related to the hydras family than to dragons. This interesting creature starts its life underwater, its hatchlings have feather like gills on their heads appendages allowing them to breathe underwater, an important feature for tiny creatures that hide amidst the roots and branches of the submerged undergrowth. As they grow up, the gills are absorbed and the appendages harden into horn like structures. Now an adult, they are big and fearsome enough to explore the entirety of their habitat, and a pair of simple lungs allow them to even venture on land for other forms of food. Water dragons are common on lakes, rivers and mangroves. Some accounts of encounters with them on coastal area and even open seas can be found in old literature, but so far this behavior haven't been observed by researches. The biggest water dragon registered so far measured astounding 15 meters and researches believe they could grow even bigger with enough time and resources. Water dragons are territorial and dangerous. If possible, avoid areas where they are common.