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Uncle Judd

Uncle Judd is a weird one. He appeared at my door one night out of nowhere and started living in my basement. He is always down there making the weirdest noises all day long. He doesn't like the sun very much so I have to keep all the curtains closed, but he says it is not enough so I've been boarding up my windows. I miss the daylight, but he assures me that it is for the best. I can't remember how long has Judd been living here, truth be told I can't remember much of anything lately. I haven't been sleeping very well, my nights are filled with dreams of a wife and daughter that I can't find, but I don't remember ever being married. Judd told me that I'm just a little confused because of the changes that I'm going trough, but he is gonna help me get better. I'm his favorite nephew after all! Which is weird since both my mom and dad were single children. But then again, uncle Judd is a weird one.