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I first learned about the Birdcatcher while traveling through South Asia, I heard stories of a strange worm like creature that preyed on small birds while building itself a complex nest to hide from the sun. My search brought me to a cave complex deep in the jungle, where I could observe some Birdcatchers and their weird behaviors. I watch them slither out of their strange nests to hunt and devour insects, small reptiles and even bats, but most were true to their name and seemed to prefer any bird they could catch. I saw some dangling from cave ceilings or tree branches to catch birds mid flight, and others that prefer to search for bird's nests and feed on the hatchlings and eggs. An extremely peculiar trait of this animal is that it appears to have only one orifice in its whole body, a sphincter like mouth that acts as both a cloaca and a mouth. The prey is swallowed whole, digested and the waste as them excrete in the form of a paste which the birdcatcher uses to mold its own nest.