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Roland The Fair

Born weak and malformed, Roland was considered a disgrace to the royal family even before his head's tumor started to grow larger and larger. He was kept away from public view and confined to his chamber near the war dogs' kennels. Through the influence of his mother he was allowed to live and have teachers, from many different places, come and give him lectures about the most diverse topics. Lectures that he would devour with rarely seen excitement, trying to learn all of his teachers knowledge before moving on to the next one. He knew that his protection was short lived and that soon some brother, uncle or cousin would come for his life. They had already tried before with poisons and plots, but Roland's wisdom and charm saved him every time. Growing up near the kennels made Roland to become extremely close with the war dogs that in turn grew to love Roland and to obey his orders promptly. When the time came and Roland's life was at stake, he sprung the trap he had laid out during his whole lifetime of bribes, charm and manipulation he had been doing behind the curtain, culminated in one night of tremendous bloodshed. Roland eliminated every single person that could pose as a threat to his life, including children that could come back later for revenge. Roland knew he would only have the chance to make a single move before people could understand how dangerous he was, he couldn't afford any mistake. In Roland's eyes, One merciless night was an acceptable price for the future's peace . After that violent night, Roland ruled over a peaceful and prosperous kingdom and when he felt his death nearer he even set the base for a democracy to take over the government. The people called him Roland, The Fair but his enemies knew him only as a monster.