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ManBearPig Cereal Killer

I was invited by my good friend James Coffron to be a guest at his show, Monstieur, and redesign the amazing ManBearPig from South Park. Let me tell you, it was a blast! I had lots of fun painting this guy and even more fun hanging with all the other amazing artists as we all showed our paintings and talk a lot of nonsense! If you want to watch the episode you can do it right here: And I recommend watching the other episodes as well, so many cool things! And if you drop by the channel, make sure to tell James that I've sent you there!
Now for the backstory of the painting: After losing the 2000 election against Bush, Al Gore lost his mind. He started to binge until finally food wasn't enough anymore to placate his hunger, now he needed blood. That was the birth of ManBearPig, the cereal killer.