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A Small Price

Brothers! Sisters! This is not the time to cower and hide in your houses. Can't you hear the economy crying? Can't you hear our father Dollar suffering as we refuse to open our stores in fear of a tiny little virus? Money must flow! We need to see that if it is to please the holy stock market, then our lives are such a small price to pay. Oil must flow! The invisible hand is reaching out for us, pleading for our help, and yet we shun it away with masks and gloves. How can we be so selfish? Blood must flow! Can't you see how the banks are bleeding? Have we forgotten the lesson our messiah gave us? Money comes first! Come out! Come out onto the streets! Open your hearts and wallets! Praise the lord in the name of the Credit, the Debt and the holy Mortgage! Contrary to human lives, gold is finite. Have we no shame? We must bleed! We must die! All in the name of the economy, amen.