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Pale Strider

There aren't many that can call the Nurian barren lands home, but the Pale Strider feels completely comfortable there as anywhere else. Capable of enduring extreme temperatures and dryness they migrate every 3 years to the salty plains of the barren land just in time for the salt flies matting season. These usually lone creatures congregate in a huge feast where just waving their long sticky tongues is enough to catch as many flies as one could want. Due to a very low birth rate, during this time they mate with as many partners as they can to try and ensure at least one successful fecundation. After this whole month of eating and mating that could make a roman emperor blush they leave to wander alone again, waiting for the next feast due 3 years from then when the salt flies mating season coincide with the entrance into adulthood of the Striders born since last time. Natural loners, the Pale Strider abandon their calves to fend for themselves just a few weeks after they were born.