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Weird Bird Videos

Now you can download the 3 videos plus the original psd file on my gumroad for free, but if you feel like tossing a few coins my side I won't complain. Just go to and download away!

Hello everyone! I've recorded 3 process videos of the painting of this weird bird!!! Each video is about 1 hour and is in normal speed, no time lapse, so you can see all I'm doing in real time. You can see the videos here
As I type I'm uploading the third and final part, so if you can only 2 videos for now just hang on a little and the third one will be up soon. There is no audio during the time I'm painting, I'm not smart enough to paint and talk at the same time, so pick your favorite musics and watch me being weird with your own soundtrack!!! Amazing!!! I intend to do some more educational videos later on, but I still need to practice...
That's all! Hope you like it!

Please don't sue me

Please don't sue me

Weird Bird Pt.1

Weird Bird Pt.2

Weird Bird Pt.3