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The Crying Beast

It started about a year ago. People began talking about weird sounds coming from the abandoned zoo, it sounded like a wounded animal, so they called us. The department sent Josh and I to investigate. We found it in the old lion's pit, I had never seen something like it. Big as a grizzly, strong, a terrifying beast. It walked slowly toward us and let out the strangest cry, a mix of sounds of different animals and an infant's cry played through an old church pipe organ. We froze in awe, dumbfounded, but we all understood immediately that it was hungry, it needed to be fed. I felt an uncontrollable urge to feed it, like a mother hearing her baby crying, it was starving, suffering, I had to do something and I did. I pushed Josh in the pit, my partner for six years, my friend and I just pushed him over the guard rail down towards that animal. The creature devoured my long time friend with glee as I tried to run away from what I did, but I couldn't. I couldn't leave it alone, it needed me. I knew that that wouldn't be enough to satisfy its hunger. It needed to eat. I've been hunting for more "food" for it ever since. Homeless people, drunks, unsupervised children, stray pets anything I can find. The police never came and my hopes for getting caught died. I understand this is my job now, this is my life now. It needs to eat.